vLAB (5) : Upgrade ESXi from 6.0 to 6.5

To upgrade your ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 first of all you need to download ESXi 6.5 :


Let’s start,

As you see I have my ESXi 6.0 installed,


Plug the ISO of ESXi 6.5, and set you VM to boot from CD-ROM


I will restart my ESXi 6.0 to start the upgrade


When restarting the VM ensuare that you are booting from the CD-ROM


Boot from ESXi 6.5 CD-R


Follow the steps bellow :


Important : You have 3 choices

  1. Upgrade and preserve your VMFS datastore (That mean everything will be preserverd, VMs, vSwitch, Data uploaded on you Datastor)
  2. Install and preserve the data of your VMFS datastore (To continue use your old VMs you have to get them back manually to your inventory)
  3. Install and overwrite (You will lose all you data)

To Upgrade our ESXi 6.0 we will choose the first Option :


Continue, click F11


Remove your bootable CD-ROM and restart your ESXi


Congratulation your ESXi is now on 6.5,


Starting from ESXi 6.5 U1 the vSphere client is no longer supported, Now it’s time of vSphere Web Client to manage and controle your ESXi


Try it,

Enjoy it 🙂


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